Writing / Publishing / Design

Publisher, editor, designer for BRUISER magazine

Cover/layout design: girl poems by Anna K. Crooks - BRUISER

All This Time You Thought I Was Good - collaborative photo series & interview for BRUISER

Thinking Makes it So: Q&A with Gerard Marconi” - Baltimore Fishbowl

Cover design: Incurable Graphomania by Anna Krivolapova - Apocalypse Confidential Books

The Nuts and Bolts of Mystery Writing: Q&A with Sujata Massey” - Baltimore Fishbowl

The Stools - Stare Scared” | Post-Trash Premiere - Post-Trash

Citizen Sleeper: Notes Toward a New Cyberpunk - BRUISER

Nonfiction book criticism for Kirkus Reviews

An Exercise in New American Art: Apocalypse Confidential Books Editor Will Waltz in Conversation with BRUISER Magazine - BRUISER

Review: MINCE’S CANE VHS by Science Man - BRUISER

The Art and Craft of the New Journalism: Q&A with Mark Bowden, author of Life Sentence - Baltimore Fishbowl

The Drin - Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom | Album Review - Post-Trash

Have a Stab At It: Q&A with Chief Medical Examiner Executive Assistant and Author Bruce Goldfarb” - Baltimore Fishbowl

First-round reading in memoir/biography for the Publishers Weekly Booklife Prize

Ibex Clone - All Channels Clear album one-sheet - Goner Records

Delivery - Forever Giving Handshakes | Album ReviewPost-Trash

Don’t Be So Quick to Throw Things Away: Q&A with Robert Kanigel, Author of Young Man, MuddledBaltimore Fishbowl

Something to Do, Something that Needs to be Done: Interview with Matthew Byars of Attorneys General and Essential Tremors”BRUISER

Jobber - Hell In A Cell | Album ReviewPost-Trash

Tropical Fuck Storm - Moonburn | Album ReviewPost-Trash

Untitled”Don’t Submit

Revenant / A Degenerate Model for Living — Intercourse Publishing

Designer for Write Mindfulness: A DIY Guide to Writing for the Right Reasons by TJ Beitelman

Ancient Secrets of the Peavey Cult” — Distortion LTD 038

Review: Infinite Resignation by Eugene Thacker” — Maximum Rocknroll 431

Review: Thoreau’s Microscope by Michael Blumlein” — Maximum Rocknroll 429

All By Our Lonesome — Grotesque Materials

Editor, designer and audio engineer for Deterritorial Audio Magazine — Grotesque Materials

Editor-in-chief for Welter Literary Magazine #51

Featured designer in Starcrossed: The Art of Baltimore Promotion” — Platform Gallery

Editor, designer and screenprinter for Broadsides Project Vol. 1 — Black Aggie Press

Review: Shadowplay by Norman Lock”The Quarterly Conversation

Music - Performance, Technical

Demo by Body Business - bass guitar, audio engineer, mixing, mastering

Born to be Alive by Muscle - audio engineer, mixing

Power Strip by Quitter - guitar, vocals

Corduroy EP by Corduroy - audio engineer, mixing, mastering

Demo 17 by Smoking Gun - mixing

Demo 2016 by Cold Feet - audio engineer, mixing, mastering

Ugly Seed/C.S.C by Quitter - guitar, vocals, audio engineer, mixing, mastering

Quitter 7” by Quitter - guitar, vocals, audio engineer, mixing, mastering

Demos by Phantom Killers - additional recording, mixing

Mirror Unveiled by Barbelith - bass guitar, vocals

Dark City Visions by Quitter - guitar, vocals, audio engineer, mixing

Embrace Technology by Mark Plasma - all instruments & vocals, audio engineer, mixing

Untitled 7” by Barbelith - bass guitar, synthesizer

Theater - Performance, Technical

Concrete Island, Mercury Theater - stage manager

TotaShiSho, Mercury Theater - audio technician, live streaming

A Good Man is Hard to Find, Mercury Theater - stage manager

Lord of Flies, Annex Theater - stage manager, script editor

Seasonings: Musical Menu, EMP Collective - performer

Behold the Man, EMP Collective - stage manager

TEEN IDOL FOOD COURT, Unbearable Puppet Theater - writer, performer

Internet Dating, Hideous Pile Puppet Theater - writer, performer